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24.09.2019 20:00 - 23:23 Uhr
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Event Foto
We're from Rio de Janeiro and our music is a mix of Post-punk, Electro and Middle Eastern music.

We're looking for shows in Germany (as most of our Benelux/France dates are already booked)

"High quality postpunk destined to reach high peaks in that scene" "A more melodic yet experimental version of postpunk" - Merchants of Air (Belgium)

"...the music is tight enough and floats on burly post punk rhythms that are sharpened here and there with arrangements that reach even to the far east..." - Dark Entries (Belgium)

"a breath of fresh air, in a music panorama inflated by The Cure and Joy Division copycats, with their distinctive post-punk flair rich in nuances and charm." - Whitelight/Whiteheat (Italy)

"a certain style of rock unlike which I've ever quite heard before." - Raised by Gip


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