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20.10.2018 20:00 - 04:00 Uhr
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The Zips, Punkrock,from Glasgow, Scotland, UK
live in der Freak SHOW,
Einlass 20 Uhr, AK 8 €
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***The Zips (1978 – 81 then 2001 till present)***

Glasgow’s The Zips (John McNeill/Brian Jackson/Joe Jaconelli/ Phil Mullen) were a 4 piece punk/new wave band, formed by John and Brian from the ashes of pub rock outfit, Road Angel. They released 2 singles, The Zips EP (1979) and Radioactivity (1980), the latter being the first release on their own label, Tenement Toons. Both singles received extensive airplay locally on Radio Clyde (Brian Ford) and nationally, Radio One (John Peel).They played just about every venue in Glasgow and the surrounding area, including the legendary Mars Bar in Glasgow, and The Bungalow Bar in Paisley.
But in an effort to reach an under-18 audience, they also pioneered Saturday lunchtime gigs at the rarely used Custom House Quay bandstand, beside the River Clyde. Many embryonic bands were given the opportunity to support them, in most cases, using the Zip's equipment. Glasgow City Council, who owned the Bandstand, were duped into believing that The Zips were a wee pop group, as they were still anti-anything to do with punk – having been one of the few local authorities in the UK to ban The Sex Pistols. Custom House Quay quickly became the place to be and be seen (Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott was spotted once, when “the boys were back in town”), mainly because Brian Ford’s show, Streetsounds, on Radio Clyde would publicise the events, heavily. Alas, Punk gave way to the New Romantics and with nowhere left to play, The Zips pogoed off into the sunset.
European bootleg interest in The Zips’ back catalogue however, and 2 tracks featured on an album called, Bored Teenagers Vol.2. on Detour Records offshoot, Binliner Records, spurred the band on to reform, in 2001. 2 of the original members, John. and Phil are currently augmented by lead guitarist, Fred -X, and drummer, Buddie Poor, replacing guitarists, Brian Jackson who emigrated to Australia, and then 2 others, post-reformation, John McMahon and Brian Kerr, and drummer, Joe Jaconelli.
3 further cd eps have been released on Tenement Toons, Hotwired ep (2002), Dumbstruck ep (2004), 30 Years of Punk Rock (2007), a download-only single, MPH (2005) on Oxfam’s Big Noise Music, for the Make Poverty History campaign, loads of tracks on compilation albums, including Kilt By Death (the sound of old Scotland), Power For Passion (Dionysus Records), Conform Or Die (Stranded Records), It’s a Cancerous Society (PFB Records), Disasters Vol.1 (Wiser Entertainments), and in 2006, the debut album, Guitars4Hire – 27 years after the debut single! In 2011, the band released their second album, 19 Forevva, and are currently writing new songs for album number 3.
The debut single, The Zips ep, now fetches up to $427 on eBay, and was recently listed as number 37 in the top 100 most collectable punk singles, of all time, in Record Collector, and on the back of that, was re-issued (2009) by Brooklyn-based label, Sing Sing Records (, in all its 7” vinyl glory.
Friends to the stars( - nardwuar vs kate nash pt1), and no strangers to local radio airwaves, the self-styled “stepfathers of punk”, are keen to make up for lost time, and have built up a reputation for rip-roaring stage performances, which has ensured that these socio-politico-proto punks are always in demand on Scotland’s live circuit, including the annual Joe Strummer tribute night, on December 22nd, at King Tuts, Glasgow. This reputation now extends throughout the UK, and into Europe. Catch them at a gig near you, soon!
Check ( for links to facebook/twitter/etc and info on gigs, toons, photies and vids.

4 guys3chords2minutebuzzbombs1helluvanight - guaranteed!


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